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Tourism in Burundi

Burundi Geography

Rainfall: 8 to 9 months of rain per year. Climate: 21 C degrees on average. Altitude: Low 772 m, High 2670 m. The Republic of Burundi is a country in the Great Lakes region of East Africa with 27,834 km² and 10.16 million of population. Neighboring countries are Rwanda in the …

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Burundi in Brief

Capital City: Bujumbura Government: Republic Currency: Burundi franc (BIF) GDP: 3.1 Billion USD (2016 WordBank Report) Total Area: 27,834 km² Water: 2,184 km² Land: 25,650 km² Population: 11.2 M (UNDP 2015) Language: Kirundi and French (official), English and Swahili (for Business) Religion: Christian 67% (Roman Catholic 62%, Protestant 5%), indigenous …

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The Republic of Burundi

The Republic of Burundi is a nation located in the Great Lakes Region in East Africa. Its neighbours Rwanda to the north, Tanzania to the east and south and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to the west. The border with the DRC is covered by Lake Tanganyika, the …

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