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Directorates General

The General Directorates are placed under the direct coordination of the Permanent Secretariat. The General Directorates supervise, coordinate, lead and evaluate the departments in their area.

1.  General Inspector includes:

– Main inspectorate in charge of the central administration and diplomatic missions established in America

-Main inspectorate in charge of Africa,Asia and Europe

-Main inspectorate in charge of statistics

Mr Savin KANA

Mr Evariste NGENDANKENGERA, Directeur Général

2. The Directorate General of Protocol and Consular  includes: 
– The Protocol and Consular Affairs Directorate;
– The Directorate of Legal Affairs.


3. The Directorate General of Administration and Management includes:
– The Directorate of Financial Administration and Logistics;
-The Human Resources Directorate.

Ambassador Ernest NIYOKINDI , Director General

4.The Directorate General for Bilateral Relations Department includes:

– The Directorate for Relations with Africa, Asia and Oceania;
– The Directorate for Relations with Europe, America and the Caribbean.

Ambassadeur Gaudence SINDAYIGAYA, 

5. The Directorate General of Multilateral Relations Department includes:

- The Directorate in charge of integration and African Regional Organizations;

-The Directorate in charge of International Organizations;
- Delegation to the Francophonie

Ambassador Epimène BAPFINDA, Director General 

6. General Direction of the Diaspora, of Migrants Employment Promotion and Non Governmental Organisations and Foreign (NPOs) includes:

-The Directorate of NGOs and non-profit organizations;

-The Directorate of the Diaspora

-The Directorate of the Migrants Employment Promotion

Ambassador Epimène BAPFINDA, Director General 

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