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Opening of the retreat for National Coordinators of the ICGLR

On may 11, 2022, the National Coordinator of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region of Angola and President of the National Coordinators Amb.Miguel Caesar Domingos Bembe, the ICGLR National Coordinator of Burundi Amb. Bernard NTAHIRAJA as well as the Executive Secretary of the CIRGL Amb. Joao Samuel Caholo opened the National Coordinators retreat which will last three days at the Hotel Club du Lac Tanganyika. This retreat aims to analyze, discuss and approve the draft Strategic Plan of the ICGLR Secretariat, for the time horizon of 2022-2026. In his address, Amb. Miguel Caesar Domingos Bembe indicated that the realization of this retreat responds to the request emanating from the two meetings of the National Coordinators of the ICGLR, held face-to-face in Luanda, Republic of Angola, respectively on december 2 and 3, 2021 and by videoconference, on march 23, 2022.

 Indeed, the President of the National Coordinators indicated that the retreat will be an essential exercise of review and improvement of the aforementioned draft Strategic Plan, with the aim of planning the restriction of the secretariat and its Organs, as well as to define together major regional objectives, adapted to the internal and external needs of the ICGLR and which is associated from time to time with the outline of the policies necessary for the materialization, both in terms of resources, agents, alliances and deadlines, including how to thwart possible opposition or hindrances.

Ambassador Miguel Caesar Domingos Bembe also indicated that the politico-diplomatic axes; Defense and Security; Economic and Regional Development as well as Intelligence and Reform of the Functioning and Organization of the Secretariat are the 5 strategic pillars of the strategic plan and the lines of action of Angola as President-in-Office of the ICGLR.

 The President of the National Coordinators did not fail to recall that the ICGLR, like all organizations, as one of the three regional mechanisms for the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts in Africa, associated with the African Architecture of Peace and Security (APSA) and recognized by the African Union (AU) is also subject to various and permanent strategic challenges.

Therefore, he added, “it is imperative to develop an essential plan for the strategic process of application to the sequential and particular set of actions which aim to better enable the ICGLR Secretariat to determine the sequence of threats or problems to overcome and opportunities to exploit, employing potential and correcting vulnerabilities”.

To end his address, Amb. Miguel Caesar Domingos Bembe said that the CIRGL continues to be an essential mechanism for the search for a solution to conflicts and guarantee of stability and development in the sub-region, it is for this reason that the national coordinators will work and support a reform of the ICGLR, in particular, of the secretariat by promoting a new organizational structure adapted to the challenges of peace, security, stability and regional development that they face.

The ICGLR National Coordinator of Burundi Amb. Bernard NTAHIRAJA said that this retreat will allow the National Coordinators of the ICGLR, without a doubt, to reflect and discuss important subjects, relating in particular to the assets and the organization and the region, with the aim of contributing more to shared happiness of the peoples of the region. According to the Executive Secretary of the ICGLR Amb. Joao Samuel Caholo, during this retreat, the National Coordinators of the ICGLR must, together, identify the areas on which they focus. To succeed, they must be selective, systematic and rational. They must understand the interrelated and multifaceted challenges facing the region.

To better understand the drivers of conflict and radicalization, the factors that hinder economic growth and job creation for young people and women in the region. At the practical level, they need to understand and decide how they will engage with all member states to find durable solutions.

The ICGLR Executive Secretary also indicated that ICGLR National Coordinators must make difficult but necessary choices for the Conference Secretariat to effectively fulfill its mandate and remain relevant to the region. They must engage in sustained engagements that allow them to both identify and unlock blockages that prevent the ICGLR from fulfilling its mandate.

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