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Newly appointed diplomats receive recommendations to follow

During the seminar organized for newly appointed diplomats, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation, His Excellency Ambassador Albert SHINGIRO recommended that diplomats promote the National Development Plan (2018-2027). To do this, diplomats must know the objectives, the main axes and the strategic orientations that compose it.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation, His Excellency Ambassador Albert SHINGIRO has also indicated that he calls on the technical and financial partners to increase their support for national efforts to implement the National Development Plan and the six priorities of the President of the Republic, through mutually beneficial cooperation that respects our intrinsic principles and values ​​in which Burundians believe.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation also recalled that the development policy in Burundi could not succeed without peace, security, stability as well as the reconciliation of Burundian people. He seized the opportunity to invite diplomats to interact with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as well as other commissions and specialized institutions to be able to answer questions from their fellow diplomats and avoid being caught by the clutches of cunning and manipulation that are commonplace in international relations.

Regarding cooperation with countries or organizations under the jurisdiction of each, His Excellency the Minister told them that it is a question of strengthening the existing good relations, but also the rapprochement of traditional partners whose relations have grown cold in recent years. Therefore, as His Excellency the President of the Republic said so well, Burundi aims to build diplomatic relations based on mutual respect where certain States do not substitute for the international community to oppress other sovereign States. It is in this capacity that Burundians remain open to countries and organizations that wish for a rapprochement with Burundi, to forge and maintain complementary relations on issues of common interest.

However, His Excellency Ambassador Albert SHINGIRO recalled that some files are perplexed and require collaboration with many partners: these include, among others, global challenges such as climate change, the

issue of international migration, the fight against terrorism, issues of peace and security, reform of the United Nations Security Council, protection of human rights, the fight against trafficking in human beings, sustainable development goals, etc. To do this, he asked them to be constructive in examining these international issues while obviously paying attention to the intrinsic principles and values ​​of Burundi which are the very foundation of our existence as a nation.

Regarding the management of the Burundian diaspora as an important actor in development, His Excellency the Minister informed them that they are called to develop a strategic partnership with the Burundian diaspora in a spirit of dialogue, of understanding and inclusiveness. Thereupon, diplomats must mobilize the diaspora to encourage them to contribute more to the building of their homeland and to cultivate the feeling of belonging to the great Burundian nation. Those who spend their time tarnishing the brand image of Burundi will have to be tried to straighten out.

Internally, His Excellency Ambassador Albert SHINGIRO said that a diplomatic mission requires good management with due diligence. To do this, diplomats must promote dialogue, mutual respect, good governance and the management of public affairs in strict compliance with the law in this area and within the limits of the resources at your disposal.

Afterwards, diplomats were invited to follow the main topics of the discussions. These themes are inspired by the government’s desire to make more efficient and more productive all state services in general and its diplomatic representations abroad in particular.

The activities of the second and third day were marked by presentations on various themes.

In their various interventions, the newly appointed diplomats and other speakers generally appreciated this seminar.

This seminar ended with a cocktail offered to these newly appointed diplomat

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